About Us
Dominidesign is an online furniture company for affordable design furniture. Our furniture is derived from known designers. Because the patents of these designs expired it gives us the opportunity to use these designs for our furniture.

The furniture we offer is manufactured in China
.Strong requirements exist on the materials used and on the method used for assembly. We have our own people in China who ensure the quality of our products before they are shipped. In the Ireland the furniture again is inspected before your order is delivered.

We provide 6 months warranty on the mechanism of our furniture. If, upon delivery of a piece of furniture something seems wrong please report this immediately.

We offer the ability to deliver the furniture for a delivery price starting from  € 9, -. The delivery price is calculated based upon the destination, volume and the total weight of your order.

Dominidesign is an online shop, but we understand that you want to have seen and felt some furniture before you decide. You can try it you like it. Call or
e-mail us for more information.

Prices on the website are including VAT.